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7 magic energy experiments
Do you like to grow as a person? We should all be constantly striving to improve ourselves. It has become essential in our daily lives. Human potential has not yet been explored to its fullest extent, which means that your possibilities are virtually unlimited. You can start by cultivating good habits on a daily basis, which is essential to feeling satisfied with everything around you. How do you find ways to practice self-improvement? Here's something to help you on this beautiful journey: I find Jackie Jones' "The 7 Magic Energy Experiments" program to be effective. It is a very general personal development program that helps you improve your interpersonal skills. Your view of life and the things around you will change, bringing you more positive vibrations.

What are the 7 magical energy experiences and how does it work?

The 7 Magic Energy Experiences by Jackie Jones is a 21-day audio tutorial program to develop yourself using 7 simple steps. It engages you and helps you follow the guidelines to cultivate and build new values to find the means to achieve your ambitions in life. This program is ideal for your financial and personal growth.
7 magic energy experiments
The 7 steps detailed in the program are given in easy-to-follow tutorials. It needs just a bit of patience and time to follow. Like any other program, it has to be consistently followed for personal growth. When you follow them meticulously, you will start noticing positive life changes. The 7 phases of manifestation or the magic experiments that will change your life are:
  • The Law of Light: This experiment brings to light the important thoughts that often cross your mind. These thoughts can also be real, which is why many people try to synchronize them in their lives using this experiment. It is also said that at times you may be confused about the past, but this will become clearer as you progress. You will understand how to identify the signals of the universe once you complete this step.
  • The Law of Release: This is the second experiment that helps you get genuinely connected to the Super Power. It helps you implement a particular sign that you identify, such as a new house or a luxury car, which needs to be released to the Universe.
  • The Law of Growth: This experiment guides you to achieve what you felt all these days was impossible to do. You have to identify the hindrances and their impact on you, forgive whatever caused the problem in your life and find a way for a better future to make your dreams come true.
  • The Law of Integration: You will learn how to turn negative energy into positive energy through this experiment. You may find it difficult to move to the next level, but the third phase is tougher, and when you reach the fourth level, you will understand how to convert the negative energy into a positive one.
  • The Law of Strength: The fifth experiment puts you to the test to become a much-improved person. You will become powerful. You will realize the magic of manifestation.
  • The Law of Spirit: You always wish to be a good human being. Here you will have to align your energy frequencies to establish a balanced spirit in you. You will use both masculine and feminine energies to get more power.
  • The Law of Self-Actualisation: This is the final stage where you find a meeting point between spirit and matter. Your energy gets manipulated, and you become whatever you want. The vibration aligns with the universe and brings in lots of life changes and they will all be good.
The creator of the program is hopeful that everyone can have a peaceful and happy life. He combined many ancient secrets to develop this program to help humanity. When you build things gradually, your success is assured. The program is not very expensive. It is a digital program that helps you connect with Divinity. Your thoughts are influenced to such an extent that you can master the art of turning all your dreams into reality. The secrets are converted into sound frequencies using Audio Brain Plasticity so that each of us can easily follow the steps in the book and make our desires come true. The 7 experiments in the book are a combination of esoteric, hermetic and alchemical knowledge performed with the power of the mind. Each step must be done in the correct order so that you have the confidence to achieve things in your life. You can expect to achieve prosperity in life, greater self-confidence, greater peace of mind, good relationships with others and less misery in life. The program also comes with a bonus that is a combination of the Level 1 and Level 2 manifestation experiences to give you even more confidence.


  • You are connected to the Divine.
  • The negativity in your life is reduced.
  • You can get rid of your anxiety levels.
  • There is an improvement in your self-confidence and image.
  • It has been scientifically tested.
  • All you have to do is spend 10 minutes a day.
  • The results are visible in 21 days or less.
  • You can find the results easily and use it.
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the program.


  • It will not work if you do not follow the steps carefully.
  • The results may be different for each individual.

Final Verdict

In this world full of anxiety and stress, it is imperative to create positive vibes around you and build your confidence. You need to learn how to handle life's difficult situations and stay on track. The tutorials in this book will help you do just that. Compared to other programs on the market, this audio program has been rated good by people who have followed the steps without any deviation. All you have to do is to practice some of the positive habits every day for 21 days as outlined in the book. The program is different from others on the market because it is neuroscientific audio. The suggestions reach the subconscious mind and help you practice them sincerely. You will not have the same experience when you follow other manuscripts or programs. As you read through the reviews, you will find that thousands of people have expressed their satisfaction with the program. With a money back guarantee, the program seems to be a very genuine program and a risk free option. So why not give it a try and let your dreams come true? Remember, like anything in life, if you believe it will work, it will! I give this program 5 stars and it seems very reliable. 7 magic energy experiments
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