ManGreens Herbal Supplement Review

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Manpower! His inner power, muscles, and testosterone make him a complete man. But are you a man who’s gained weight, unable to shed it, and enjoy life as you would want to? Do you really, really want to improve your testosterone levels?

As you search for a program that brings back your manhood, vitality, power, and health, many suggest different methods to improve your health and pleasure. But are you sure they are legitimate? How do you trust? The sad part of it and difficult to accept is, most of them are not.

I may have some good news!

The program called ‘The Man Diet’ by Chad Howse has carved a niche for itself as a product that will address all your problems and offer solutions. Within a short time, I think you will notice that your testosterone levels improve greatly.

What is The Man Diet

Firstly, The Man Diet is a program that is exclusively for men. It is a total diet program offering men simple tips to follow and improve their health – all in a natural way. The program provides many recipes that you can eat daily to help achieve the goal. When you understand what is provided in the eBook, you will understand that it is not a scam and worth the buy. The very purpose of the program is to boost testosterone levels in your body which can help you reduce excess weight and get you the body that you’ve been longing for!

How it Works

The book has many steps to hasten weight loss and get your body into shape. To ensure that the techniques are absolutely natural, Howse provides recipes that require only natural products. The recipes are so easy to follow that you can make them yourself. The ingredients are also those that are easily available at the local supermarkets. In his ebook, Howse also busts myths related to body fitness and body shape. He also explains his techniques with scientific facts and proof.

The program comes to you in a pdf format so that you can access it through your laptop or mobile phone.

The program comes with the following:

  • Quick start guide which tells you what you actually require to start the program
  • The Man Diet Manual lets you understand what you need to know about eating habits, environmental issues that you need to avoid, food to eat, and the diet pattern needed to improve your testosterone production.
  • Cheater’s guide – as the name itself suggests, shows how you can cheat on your diet! So, if you are indeed craving something special to eat, Howse shows you how to satisfy the craving without harming the overall effect the program is having on your body.
  • Supplement guide – this guide provides a list of supplements that you should use and which ones you should avoid.
  • Food choices – will tell you what foods you can eat supported with reasons.
  • The Meal Log helps you with the diet pattern that should go with your schedule.

I repeat – The Man Diet program is meant only for men. Women, please do not try this. It is a completely new approach to the problem of weight loss and improving testosterone. Several methods are added in this eBook to bring testosterone levels back to normal, and he gives step-by-step instructions you can use to achieve the purpose. The Man Diet can also be used by athletes, men who are in physically demanding jobs, and bodybuilders.

If you are not able to achieve progress even after following the diet programs, it also helps in troubleshooting the issues. I loved this thoughtful aspect of the program. Sometimes, when things don’t work out, we tend to lose faith. However, Howse almost handholds his readers through the journey.

You get many bonuses along with the program that is designed to help users to burn more fat effectively and get their body in shape. There is additional information to help in tracking the progress and maintaining it, which appears to be very helpful. It is a diet program mainly with a focus on balancing male hormones. Testosterone is the main key in building your body, lowering fat, improving mood, and even fighting off depressive tendencies.

The Man Diet is focusing on adjusting the cortisol hormone that could have an impact on your testosterone. The cortisol problem occurs because of over-dieting or stress. The program teaches you a simple diet pattern and exercises to regulate levels, and it is a simple lifestyle change. You do not need to completely change every aspect of your food and exercise – small tweaks are what’s required.

There are additional upsells that come with your purchase:

  • The Man Workout
  • Epic Sex Drive
  • Additional Cookbook

However, it is not compulsory on your part to buy these upsells. The program on its own is comprehensive enough.


  • Very fast working program – you will notice things work faster for you than you would have imagined
  • An extremely simple method to lose weight
  • Totally different from other products
  • Very easy to understand
  • You get bonuses too
  • Money-back guarantee is there
  • No need to totally avoid your favorite foods
  • You can still enjoy food without gaining weight
  • No need for strenuous exercise to lose weight
  • The program reduces the risk of cancer
  • You can get more energy both in and out of bed
  • Depression is cured in men
  • Affordable cost


  • Available only in a digital format
  • You cannot expect overnight results. It needs some effort on your part too
  • If you have any medical conditions, you should consult your physician before starting the program
  • The program is only for men.

Final verdict

The Man Diet created by Chad Howse seems to be an effective, proven, and safe program for men. The system will work for you if you play by its rules. People who have used it have found great success, and the reviews go to show that it is a legitimate product. Simple explanations and guidelines make it easy for any person to understand and follow. Within a short span of starting the program, you will notice the outcome. Since it advocates the use of all-natural products, you need not worry about the reaction or adverse effect.

If you are serious about getting back your physique and achieve other goals without spending too much time or money, The Man Diet is your best bet. It does not focus exclusively on dieting but teaches you how to go about making much-needed lifestyle changes also. All of this works to help you become a complete man. It’s definitely worth it to buy a program that guides you by hand to achieve your goal of losing weight, increasing manliness, and a lead a depression-free life! The Man Diet comes to you at an affordable cost, with a money-back guarantee. Join the program and enjoy a perfect body and a good life! I would certainly rate this program 5 stars!