Family Self-Defence Review

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Always Be Prepared. For Anything. Anytime.

I’m sure you love your family very much and are always worried about their safety. Life is full of surprises and at times, traumas that you often want to forget, isn’t it? There may have been many occasions in your life when we helplessly watched someone being attacked, unable to defend, and regretted why you were unable to handle things in a better manner by taking things in your control. Been there? Often, we don’t even dare to dream of a situation when we have to actively step forward to protect ourselves and our family.

Don’t you think something needs to be done so that they are all protected? Nowadays, believe me, it has become absolutely essential that you know some sort of self defense mechanism with crime rates increasing all over. Just laws are not sufficient to control the menace. Is it not necessary that you are prepared always to handle situations when you and your family are in danger? The question is – how can you prepare yourself for such an eventuality. Family Self Defence by Frank Bell is one such program that teaches you some effective methods of self-defense that you can use if confronted with danger.

What is Family Self Defence and how it works

Frank Bell, the author of this program, himself was a victim of a mugging, and it was then that he decided to find a solution for such situations.

His program is exclusively designed for people like you – those who wish to ensure the safety of their families. Anybody can take up this program. It teaches you how to self-defend yourself and your family and protect yourselves from thugs.

Family Self Defence is a manual guide that will teach you effective movements to escape potential attackers. It comes with a simple guide that is easy to follow. You will learn some unique approaches to self-defense. The material is well explained in English. All that it requires is you practicing techniques every day with your family so that each one of you is well prepared to protect yourselves.

From the book, you will learn:

  • To take on any criminals even if they are armed
  • Not to use your fist as any wrong move will result in serious injuries
  • “Lazy Man” method to help you make awesome movements even if you are watching some programs
  • “Vision field expansion” helps you to keep your senses alert all the time and to figure out what is going on around you, especially if you are surrounded by several people.
  • Learn about the fulcrums in a human body – effective in disarming the enemy
  • Joint manipulation methods that can be used even by even a senior man to break the limbs of the enemy easily
  • How to protect yourself in case you are held at gunpoint.
  • What to do when you are tied up and how to escape from the situation
  • Explanation on the vulnerability of the human body
  • Simple but effective moves to strike your attackers

Apart from these, when you purchase this program, you get some bonuses also.

  • Mental Toughness, a module where you will get to know the secrets of US military and ops for mental toughness to be used only when handling serious threats
  • Self-defence, a guide with simple exercises to make your body and muscles strong, apart from losing fat
  • Checklist, a comprehensive list of items you need to have at home all the time, much like an emergency kit.

It is quite understandable that not everyone may have the stamina or physical strength to tackle attackers especially armed men, and nobody is usually expecting to be attacked, so are not prepared with self-defense courses.

The whole process of self-protection has been simplified in this program. The program is not like any other as it contains several “fight-ending” moves that will help in disabling the attacker. You will also reason out why you should not use certain postures as they may result in serious injury of the body. You will know how to sit down and yet get trained. You understand why an expanded field of vision is important when fighting many people.

There are certain things that you should never do when you are threatened with a weapon. You are taught to identify the vulnerable parts of the body. You will learn to defend without weapons. Within an hour, you would have learned the basic techniques. With constant practice of the techniques, you can be sure of gaining an upper hand over your attackers. The ultimate aim of the program is to make you feel protected with knowledge and improved abilities. The video that comes with the program contains all the details you require to ensure safety. It has been developed in a very transparent way to make sure that the content reaches the users and is clear enough to help them learn techniques quickly and apply them when the situation demands.


  • Very simple methods, effective, and easy to learn
  • Available in a video format
  • Offers lessons and training that will enable you to defend yourself and your family
  • You can learn how to self-defend yourself within a very short time
  • Available at a very affordable cost
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Available as an eBook online only
  • No physical trainer to help you learn the techniques – you need to learn on your own

Final verdict

Family Self Defence is an eBook that comes to you with highly advanced techniques and helps you learn to protect yourself and your family. You improve awareness of what is happening around you and tackle enemies swiftly. You will learn never to be vulnerable to them anymore. The program has earned several positive reviews. The Family Self Defence program aims to educate and train families who have had such traumatizing experiences in the past and those who do not have any idea whatsoever about such fighting techniques. It is not possible for the government to offer security to every single person in the country all the time everywhere. We need to do it ourselves at times. By the time help arrives, it just might be too late.

When people learn defense techniques, it is easy to conquer an adverse situation. The program is available online, and all that you need to do is pay for the program to download it. You will get instant access to all details, videos, and other vital information in the program. It can be used as a handbook. You should ensure that you purchase it only from the official website as many fake sites cheat you.

Protection and self-defense are worth a small investment and the rewards are definitely worth it! You have nothing to lose as your money is safe and is refundable. So, my advice would be to get trained and protect yourself. In a market where this issue is not addressed enough, this effective program by Frank Bell deserves 5 Stars!

Family Self Defense